All Products Are GMO-Free & Natural - With Wholesale Pricing On Everything!
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About Our Company

We are a small group of dedicated gardening businesses, horticulturists & avid ‘green thumbs’ working together. Most of us have been working in the horticultural industry for well over 20 years. Our combined experience gave us the idea & incentive to form a company together to offer you unparalled expertise, excellent service & environmentally friendly products. All of our products are non-GMO, open-pollinated & grown without the use of chemicals. We believe in only supporting sustainable agriculture practices & saying 'No to GMO!'

We offer wholesale pricing to the public in an effort to populate more areas for our pollinator species, for reclamation & restoration and to enhance environmentally friendly beauty throughout the U.S. Our product packaging is recycled and/or bio-degradable material - we like to keep things simple. We encourage you to shop around for pricing and quality - we guarantee our products to be of the highest quality at 'real' wholesale pricing - there no fillers, only pure seed in all of our seed products. Our mixes are not filled with higher percentages of annuals vs. the more expensive perennials and we insure high germination rates that exceed industry standards! We are a small niche company and we look forward to serving you!

Many of our seeds are hand-harvested and all seeds undergo a rigorous series of testing to insure the highest quality, purity and germination. Harvesting Beauty and our partners collect, grow, and process most, if not all, of our products in an ecologically sustainable and renewable manner!