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Helleborus 'Pink Fizz' (Lenten Rose)

Helleborus 'Pink Fizz' (Lenten Rose)

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Helleborus 'Pink Fizz'

Common Name: Lenten Rose

Ships As: 1 Perennial Plant Plug 3.5"

This Lenten Rose variety features amazing color with soft white blooms edged in a raspberry pinkish red! When this plant reaches 4 years of age it will have 50-60 gorgeous single flowers per plant! Hellebores are the harbingers of spring, blooming for six weeks or more beginning in late winter. They are often flowering during the Christian season of Lent, from which they get their common name, Lenten Rose. This is the perfect plant for naturalizing in moist, woodland areas where its extensive root system will spread as far as it is allowed.

Height: 18-24 inches

Spread: 24 inches

Flower Color: White/Pink Shades

Hardiness Zone: 4,5,6,7,8,9

Light Requirements: Part Shade Full Shade