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Conservation Grass Seed Mix

Conservation Grass Seed Mix

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Item Description
Our best and most popular grass mix designed for full sun to partial shade. While this mix tolerates partial shade, it will need at least 3 hours of full sun per day. The bluegrasses go dormant during a drought. Mowing to close may cause browning so take it easy when cutting. The ryegrasses and red fescue blend so well with the bluegrasses creating a full, beautiful area. Light Requirement: Sun - Partial Shade. Seeding Rates: 100-200lbs. per acre or 3-5lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

Festuca rubra (Creeping Red Fescue), Poa partensis 'Alley Cat' (Kentucy Bluegrass 'Alley Cat'), Poa pratensis 'Corsair' (Kentucky Bluegrass 'Corsair'), Lolium multiflorum (Annual Ryegrass), Lolium perenne 'Confetti (Perennial Ryegrass 'Confetti')